How much child support payments do I have to make after a divorce in Texas if I earn income of about $5,000 a month?

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I am in the process of getting a divorce and I would like to know how much child support I would have to pay to my wife for my son?  I live in Texas and I net approximately $5,000.00 in income.  How would child support payments be assessed based on my income?


Section 154.125 (a-2)(b) of the Child Support Texas Law contains specific child support guidelines for a person who nets $7,500.00 or less in monthly income.   In such cases, the court presumptively applies that child support for 1 child would be 20% of the obligor’s net resources.  Also, if you have children from another relationship, the percentage listed may be reduced.  Nonetheless, I cannot give you an exact number that you will pay for child support monthly, as there are many other factors that come into play, including additional net resources you may have, the proven needs of the child, and other factors that a family court will consider in Texas.  I now urge you to contact a reputable divorce custody lawyer in your area who has experience dealing with divorces that involve children so that you may get a better understanding of how you will be assessed in front of a judge with regard to your future child support obligation.

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