Child Support Laws in Ohio

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In most divorce or dissolution cases that involve children, the court issues an order for Child Support.  Child support is also ordered in situations where the parents of the child were not married.

Calculation of Child Support

In most states, and Ohio is no exception, the amount of the Child Support obligation is determined by a mathematical formula.  This formula considers many factors, including (but not limited to):

  • The parents' income;
  • The Cost of Medical Insurance;
  • The Cost of Daycare for the child(ren);
  • The amount of Union Dues paid by either parent;
  • The number of minor Children; and
  • Whether there is or is not a Shared Parenting Plan in place.

Adjustments to the Child Support Obligation

There are many factors that can be argued to adjust the amount of the Support Obligation.  The adjustments can increase or decrease the amount of the court ordered payment.

Agreed Amount of Payment

The parents of the minor child(ren) can also agree to the amount of the Child Support Obligation.  Even if the parents agree to an amount, it is important that the court approve the agreement.  Having the Court approve the agreed to payment protects BOTH parents.  The parent receiving the payment is protected if the other parent stops paying.  The parent who is paying child support is also protected from a later claim that payments were never made.

Back Child Support (Arrears)

An Order for Child Support can, in most circumstances, date back to the child's birth.  The order can also include repayment for prenatal care and the hospital fees associated with the birth of the child.

Can a Lawyer Help?

An experienced attorney can assist a parent throughout the Child Support process. 

Generally, the child support enforcement agency represents the parent requesting Child Support.  However, it is imperative that the parent seeking a support order understand all of their rights.  In many cases, rights are waived at the final hearing without the parent realizing what they are "giving" away.

The parent against whom the child support is being sought also has important rights.  A lawyer can help make sure that the amount of the payment is accurately calculated and more importantly, protect the parent's right to visitation with the child.

From the author: Ohio Child Support/Child Custody Attorney