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Child Support Modification

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How Can child support be Modified?

Child support can be modified, if there is a significant change in the financial situation of either the recipient or supporter. Such changes might be loss of job, increase in educational expense of child, or change in parenting plan.

Read About: Modifying Child Support

After a divorce, one of the biggest worries as a parent is that of child support. Who will obtain custody of the child and how will child support be distributed are two of the most vexing questions a parent may have to struggle with to answer. Child support payments are necessary to provide the child the same financial security as if the parents were not divorced.

A child support lawyer can provide pertinent information and valuable assurance on the proper way to protect to the future of your child from their years of experience with child support cases.

Part of the often times complicated and difficult divorce process is the divorcing parties inability to agree upon a child support payment schedule in which both sides see agreeable. Some instances of child support disputes being so fierce that parents leaving the state in attempts to avoid a court ruling have occurred previously. Instances such as these further complicate the process for the individuals and provide the courts with much frustration as well. Our child support lawyers are very experienced with possible troubles involved in child support disputes, and are ready and willing to offer you our assistance in benefiting your case today.

Even though, you and your former spouse have agreed on how to handle the matter of child support, there are many other reasons why you should consult our child support law firms.

Consider the following and ask yourself:

  • Did my ex-spouse hire an attorney?
  • Do you have assets to protect?
  • Is your former spouse claiming child support?
  • Do you have pensions?
  • Are you or your ex-spouse self-employed?

Child support issues and concerns include the following:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Family Law
  • Establishing Paternity