Child Support Modification Due To Being Laid Off?

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I have been making regular child support payments to my ex-wife for several years, but I was recently laid off from my job.  Can I get some sort of child support modification to ease the burden until I begin working again?


Unexpected, significant decreases in income like a job layoff can be a valid reason to request modification of your child support order.  But efore heading off to court and incurring the associated expenses, you should ask your ex-wife if she will agree to a temporary reduction or deferral.  If she agrees, put the terms in writing, sign, and date the document, preferably with the advice of a lawyer.

But if that does not work, you can ask the court to modify the amount of the child support owed in the future by explaining that the major (and unavoidable) drop in your income is not likely to be rectified soon, and why the child support modification would be fair. Most courts are sympathetic and fairly receptive to making necessary changes in child support orders when you have experienced a financial setback.   I would strongly encourage you to seek the advice of a lawyer experienced in family law.